Revision Exercise for Units 5-7

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1    Decline the following in the singular and plural (where necessary consult the vocabulary to discover the stem):

    χρῆμα, μήτηρ, κόραξ, γέρων, ψεῦδος, ὄρνις, παῖς, κρατήρ, ̔́Ελλην.

2    Conjugate the following:

    (i) aorist indicative active of φυλάττω, ἄγω, ποιέω, γράφω, νομίζω

    (ii) imperfect indicative active of φιλέω, δουλόω, τιμάω

    (iii) future indicative active of ἐλπίζω, κόπτω, ἄγω

    (iv) present indicative active of ὁράω, ὀρθόω, καλέω.

3    Translate into Greek:

    (i) The three women (gen. ).

    (ii) Five hundred soldiers (dat. ).

    (iii) Twenty houses (nom .).

    (iv) Fifteen horses (acc . ).

    (v) Thirty-three goats (dat .).

    (vi) Twenty-eight fathers (dat .).

    (vii) Eighty-one wild beasts (gen .).

    (viii) Four golden bones (gen .).

    (ix) Three voyages (dat .).

    (x) The bodies of two vultures.

4    Give the following forms:

    (i) 2nd pl. aor. ind. act. of συλλαμβάνω

    (ii) 1st s. aor. ind. act. of περιφέρω

    (iii) 1st s. impf. ind. act. of συστρατεύω

    (iv) 3rd pl. aor. ind. act. of ἐξαιρέω

    (v) 3rd s. impf. ind. act. of ἐγγράφω.

5    Translate into Greek:

    (i) Living creatures are not always beautiful.

    (ii) The men in Thebes are small but the women are large.

    (iii) The enemy (pl. ) are killing the two generals.

    (iv) We brought gold and silver to the market.

    (v) Children are dear to their (say the) fathers.

    (vi) I think making war (use articular infinitive ) evil.

    (vii) Truth is not always easy for wise speakers.

    (viii) The wives of the citizens did not honour the gods.

    (ix) Lions have big teeth.

    (x) The men of old used to admire courage.

    (xi) I honoured Socrates because during winter he used always to remain at home with his wife.

    (xii) In the tenth year Agamemnon, the leader of the Greeks, ordered the soldiers to make a large horse.

List of words:

    ʼΑγαμέμνων, ἀγορά, ἀεί, αἴξ, ἀλήθεια, ἀνδρεία, ἀνήρ, ἀποκτείνω, ἄργυρος, γυνή, γύψ, δέκατος, δύο, Ἕλλην, ἐπεί, ἔτος, ἔχω, ζῷον, ἡγεμών, θεός, Θῆβαι, θήρ, ἵππος, κακός, καλός, κελεύω, λέων, μέγας, μένω, μετά, μικρός, νομίζω, ὀδούς, οἰκία, οἴκοι, ὀστοῦν, παῖς, πάλαι, πατήρ, πλοῦς, ποιέω, πολεμέω, πολέμιος, πολίτης, ῥᾴδιος, ῥητώρ, σοφός, στρατηγός, στρατιώτης, Σωκράτης, σῶμα, τιμάω, φέρω, φίλος, χειμών, χρυσός, χρυσοῦς.


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(c) Gavin Betts, Alan Henry 2001