Revision Exercise for Units 2-4

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Rev. Key 2-4

1    Give the following forms:

     (i)    gen. pl. of ἀκτή

     (ii)    acc. pl. of δῶρον

    (iii)    dat. s. of νεανίας

     (iv)    dat. pl. of λόγος

     (v)    voc. s. of ποιητής

    (vi)    gen. s. of Κρονίδης

    (vii)    gen. s. of τράπεζα

    (viii)    acc. s. of τέκνον

    (ix)    acc. pl. of ὕδρα

    (x)    dat. pl. of βασίλεια

2    Decline in the singular and plural:

    δοῦλος, δεσπότης, γλῶττα, ζῷον, βοή.

3    Conjugate the following:

     (i)    present indicative active of πίπτω

     (ii)    future indicative active of κελεύω

    (iii)    imperfect indicative active of φροντίζω

     (iv)    aorist indicative active of παύω

4    Give the present, future, and aorist infinitive active of στρατεύω and πέμπω.

5    Translate into Greek with the assistance of the accompanying vocabulary list:

    (i) On account of the war. With the sailors. On behalf of the frogs. Concerning good girls. Instead of good fortune. At the poet's house.

    (ii) We are chasing Aspasia but the poet is drinking wine in Alcibiades' house.

    (iii) O son of Cronos, the first ruler of the frogs was lazy. It is necessary, therefore, to send another.

    (iv) According to the oracle at Delphi Croesus is destined to destroy a mighty empire.

    (v) The soldiers were seizing and carrying off Croesus' wealth.

    (vi) Alas, you (pl. ) are suffering unjustly but we shall order the slaves to keep bringing (use pres. inf. ) much wine.

    (vii) Nausicaa washed the girls by the beach.

    (viii) Bad female companions bear an evil fruit. Therefore I am remaining in the desert.

    (ix) The judges of the Athenians used to admire courage.

    (x) We shall send gold and silver to the market.

    The vocabulary to be used in these sentences (with the exception of very common words such as καί) is given below. Lists will also be given with future translation exercises but common words will not be repeated.

    ἀγαθός, ἀγορά, ἄγω, ἀδίκως, ἀκτή, ʼΑλκιβιάδης, ἀλλά, ἄλλος, ἀνδρεία, ἀντί, ἀργός, ἄργυρος, ἀρχή, ʼΑσπασία, βάτραχος, δεῖ, Δελφοί, διά, διώκω, δούλος, εἰς, ἐν, ἐρημία, ἑταίρα, θαυμάζω, κακός, καρπός, κατά, κελεύω, κόρη, κριτής, Κροῖσος, Κρονίδης, λούω, μεγάς, μέ́λλω, μένω, μετά, μόναρχος, Ναυσικάα, ναύτης, οἰκία, οἶνος, οὖν, παρά, πάσχω, παύω, πέμπω, περί, πίνω, πλοῦτος, ποιητής, πόλεμος, πολύς, πρός, πρῶτος, στρατιώτης, τύχη, ὑπέρ, φέρω, φεῦ, χρηστήριον, χρυσός.


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