Revision Exercise for Units 14-16

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1    Conjugate the following:

(i)    aorist optative active of κρίνω

(ii)    perfect indicative active of γράφω

(iii)    present subjunctive of πορεύομαι (with deponent verbs it is unnecessary to give the voice.)

(iv)    pluperfect indicative active of δουλόω

(v)    aorist subjunctive active of βαίνω

(vi)    pluperfect indicative mid./pass. of ἀλλάττω

(vii)    present subjunctive active of ὀρθόω

(viii)    perfect indicative mid./pass. of κλέπτω

(ix)    present optative active of ὁράω

(x)    aorist optative of φεύγω

(xi)    perfect indicative mid./pass of κρούω

(xii)    present subjunctive mid./pass. of φιλέω

2    Parse the following:

    (i) βεβληκότος

    (ii) μεμαθηκέναι

    (iii) πεπεικυίας

    (iv) πεφοβῆσθαι

    (v) λελυμένης

    (vi) γραφεῖσι

    (vii) κεκρύφθαι

    (viii) ἐγνωκότας

    (ix) εἰληφέναι

    (x) πεπομφός.

3    Give the middle forms corresponding to the following active ones;

    ἁρπάσητε, βάλλοι, ἅψωσι, πράξειε, δηλοῖ (subj.), βεβουλεύκαμεν, λάβοιμεν, ἐπεποιήκη, τιμῴη, εὕρηκε.

4    Translate into Greek using the verbs and construction given at 15.1/2:

    (i) I saw him going from the agora.

    (ii) I heard my sister saying this.

    (iii) Yesterday I stopped drinking wine with Nicias.

    (iv) I shall stop you drinking in my house.

    (v) I take pleasure in learning the language of the Greeks.

    (vi) They are obviously saying wise things.

    (vii) He went away without me knowing.

    (viii) I shall arrive at Athens before you.

5     Translate into Greek

(i) Whenever you chase two hares both escape.

(ii) My father was Oedipus, the son of Laius, but if ever I asked him about my mother he used to keep silent.

(iii) Let us eat much so that we may fight many Persians.

(iv) There is indeed a certain pleasure in words, Alcibiades, but whenever you start talking, I at any rate go away inconspicuously (use λανθάνω).

(v) Are you afraid the lion may chase your wife, Nicias ? The lion is not so stupid as to do that.

(vi) I happened to be walking in the fields when I heard two lovers saying, 'We have kissed!'

(vii) Archimedes, why do you keep (use διατελέω) shouting ? You have already told us many times that you enjoy washing yourself.

(viii) You must (use χρή) stop flaying that goat, Demosthenes. Whenever you start doing something you never do it in moderation.

    List of words

    ἀγορά, ἀγρός, ἀδελφή, ʼΑθήναζε, αἴξ, ἀκούω, ʼΑλκιβιάδης, ἀλλά, ἀμφότεροι, ἀπέρχομαι, ἆρα, ʼΑρχιμήδης, ἄρχομαι, αὐτός, ἀφικνέομαι, βαδίζω, βοάω, γε, γλῶττα, γυνή, δέρω, Δημοσθένης, διατελέω, διὰ τί, διώκω, δύο, ἔγωγε, εἰ, ἐκεῖνος, ἐκφεύγω, ῞Ελλην, ἐμός, ἔνεστι, ἔρχομαι, ἐρωτάω, ἐρωτικός, ἐσθίω, ἐχθές, ἤδη, ἥδομαι, ἡδονή, ἵνα, λαγώς, Λάϊος, λανθάνω, λέγω, λέων, λόγος, λούω, μανθάνω, μάχομαι, μετά, μετρίως, μήτηρ, μῶρος, Νικίας, Οἰδίπους, οἰκία, οἶνος, ὁράω, ὅταν, ὅτε, ὅτι, οὐδέποτε, οὗτος, πατήρ, παύω, περί, Πέρσης, πίνω, ποιέω, πολλάκις, πολύς, σιγάω, σοφός, τις, τυγχάνω, φαίνομαι, φθάνω, φιλέω, φοβέομαι, χρή, ὥστε,

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(c) Gavin Betts, Alan Henry 2001