Revision Exercise for Units 11-13

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Rev. Key 11-13

1    Conjugate the following:

        (i) aorist indicative active of γιγνώσκω

        (ii) aorist indicative middle of ἀμύνω

        (iii) future indicative active of ἀγγέλλω

        (iv)    aorist indicative active of ἀποδιδράσκω

        (v) future indicative passive of μιαίνω

        (vi)    aorist indicative passive of δουλόω

        (vii) future indicative active of ἀπαίρω

        (viii) aorist indicative passive of τάττω.

2    Give the nom. s. masculine and feminine forms of the participle of the following:

        (i) future active of βουλεύω.

        (ii) aorist middle of διδάσκω.

        (iii) present passive of ἀποφαίνω.

        (iv) future active of βάλλω.

        (v) aorist passive of φιλέω.

        (vi) aorist active of σημαίνω.

        (vii) present middle of οἰκοδομέω.

        (viii) aorist active of τυγχάνω.

        (ix) future middle of ἀλγύνω.

        (x) aorist active of γιγνώσκω.

3    Decline in the singular and plural:

     ἥρως, λαγώς, υἱός (give all possible forms).

4    Translate the following by using verbs mentioned in 13.1/2:

    (i) We used to rule the Persians.

    (ii) She followed her friend.

    (iii) You (pl. ) are sharing the horses.

    (iv) Are you (s. ) obeying the king?

    (v) They will care for the children.

    (vi) He did not listen to Socrates.

    (vii) Why are you (s. ) always advising me?

    (viii) I love you, Aspasia!

5    Translate the following, in each sentence replacing the subordinate clause by a participial phrase with the same meaning:

    (i) Women who do not marry escape many troubles.

    (ii) When a snake is present we always measure its tracks.

    (iii) Those who were bitten by a bear are frightened to go out.

    (iv) Because we are not poor we sing beautifully.

    (v) I did not come to hear your troubles, Prometheus.

    (vi) Although I do not love myself excessively I have few friends.

    (vii) When I am sick I at any rate do not go to the agora.

    (viii) And yet I thought Diogenes wise on the grounds that he did not write many books.

List of words

    ἄγαν, ᾄδω, ἀεί, ἀκούω, ἄρκτος, ἄρχω, ʼΑσπασία, ἅτε, βασιλεύς, βιβλίον, γαμέομαι, γράφω, δάκνω, ἔγωγε, ἐμαυτόν, ἐξέρχομαι, ἐπαινέω, ἐπιμελέομαι, ἕπομαι, ἐράω, ἵππος, ἴχνος, καίπερ, καίτοι, μετέχω, μετρέω, νομίζω, νοσέω, ὀλίγος, ὄφις, παίς, πάρειμι, πείθομαι, πένης, Πέρσης, σοφός, Σωκράτης, τί, φεύγω, φίλος, φοβέομαι, ὡς.


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