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Unit 2

1. Odysseus is fleeing from the land of the Cyclopes and after a few days has come to Aeaea.

2. In/on Aeaea there is a goddess, Circe by name.

3. At daybreak Odysseus leaves his (lit. the) ship by the sea and walks to a lookout-place in (lit. of) the land.

4. While he is walking in the wood he suddenly sees a deer and kills [it], so that they now have food.

5. They eat the deer and quickly fall asleep on the beach.

6. At daybreak Odysseus remains on the beach, but his companions find Circe's house, where the goddess is singing beautifully.

7. The goddess opens the doors and says that she is willing to provide food.

8. But Eurylochus is afraid of the goddess and stays behind outside.

9. Circe provides the food and bewitches them, so that they have the heads and voices of pigs.

10. Eurylochus runs to the beach and tells Odysseus that they must (lit. it is necessary [sc. for them ]) to flee from Aeaea.

11. But Odysseus refuses and saves them from the goddess's witchcraft.

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