Key to Extra Reading: Units 6 - 10

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Unit 6-10

1. For it is gold which has mastery (lit. masteries) over mortals.

2. For the mind is a god in each of us.

3. To look always to God is a light for the mind.

4. Gold opens everything, even bronze gates.

5. Wealth and intelligence are boons (lit. good things) for life.

6. For in what respect is a life good which brings sufferings?

7. [There is] no evil for men which does not have (lit. without) an excuse.

8. The end of a just life is fine.

9. The good is realised (lit. comes into being) [only] by (lit. in) countless toils.

10. Time is the teacher of many things.

11. I never praise the cleverness (lit. wise thing) of the man who speaks well, but the deeds over which he speaks are base (lit. whoever speaks ....., of him I do not ever praise the cleverness.)

12. I hate the sage who [is] not wise for himself.

13. The earth brings forth and takes back everything.

14. Some men must be unfortunate, others fortunate.

15. I have never yet envied a corpse given an expensive funeral.

16. Troublesome is an old man among the young.

17. The whole earth is the tomb of famous men.

18. Agis the king said that the Spartans did not ask the numbers of (lit. how many were) the enemy, but their location (lit. where they were).

19. For the seed of mortal men is wise for a day and is in no way more trustworthy than the shadow of smoke.

20. True and earnest freedom of speech is a fine thing.

21. So no-one of men prospers in everything (lit. with respect to all things).

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