Key to Extra Reading: Units 2 - 5

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Extra Reading
Unit 2-5

1. Fortune is blind and wretched (lit. a blind and wretched thing).

2. Indeed, the wise learn much lit. many things) from [their] enemies.

3. A tree [is judged] by (lit. from) its fruit.

4. Grief(s) produce(s) disease(s) for men.

5. Brothers' feuds [are] troublesome.

6. Time leads the truth towards the light.

7. Victory [is] beautiful, but excessive victory [is] evil.

8. Hope(s) feeds the destitute among (lit. of) mortals.

9. Without marriage you will lead a life without pain.

10. For a woman [it is] not gold [ornaments] [which are her] decoration, but her character.

11. For an aged bridegroom a wife is a mistress (i.e. an old man is a slave to a young wife).

12. A just love immediately bears fruit.

13. Crises bring tyrannies to an end.

14. For men reason cures (lit. is a healer of) grief.

15. [It is the] reward [which] teaches letters, not the teacher.

16. For a man his wife and children [are] a great tyranny.

17. A bride without a dowry has no freedom of speech.

18. Many are fortunate, but not wise.

19. Much daring (lit. daring many things) creates many mistakes (lit. erring many things).

20. The manner of the bad-tempered [is like] the water of the sea (i.e. uncertain).

21. Physical desire (lit. love of bodies) is the destruction of the soul.

22. The Divinity leads the wicked to justice.

23. For humans marriage [is] a desired evil.

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