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Unit 11-15

1. [It is] not the man who does not commit injustice [who] is just.

2. No-one of mortal men [ever] departed (sc. this life) with (lit. bearing) his wealth (you can't take it with you.)

3. Those who have learned their letters see twice as much.

4. The man/person who has not been thrashed is not being [properly] educated (spare the rod and spoil the child).

5. Word(s) are a cure for (lit. of) the soul which is sick.

6. Thrice unlucky, the man who gets married though he is poor.

7. All mortals are delighted to be honoured,

8. No-one gets away with lying for long.

9. Money is power among mortals.

10. The anger of a friend (lit. a loving one) lasts a short time.

11. They say it is good to be mad among the mad.

12. It is always a fine voyage when you are running away from troubles.

13. When Phocion the Athenian, [while] on one ocasion giving his opinion to the people/Assembly, was acclaimed and saw that everyone was receiving his speech favourably, he turned to some friends and said, 'I haven't, I suppose, unwittingly said something bad, have I?'

14. When the Eleans were being praised on/for their fine conduct of the Olympian Games, Agis the Spartan king said, 'And what is so wonderful about what they are doing (lit. what wonderful thing do they do), if they employ justice on a single day every four years?'

15. Antalcidas the Spartan said to an Athenian who was calling the Spartans ignorant, 'At any rate, we are the only ones who (lit. alone) have not learned something bad from you.'

16. (i) When Lysias the pharmacist enquired [of Diogenes] if he believed in the gods, he (Diogenes) said, 'How can I not, when I see that you are hated by/hateful to the gods?'

(ii) When he was asked where he had seen good men in Greece, he said, 'Men nowhere, but boys in Sparta.'
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